London Waterjet supporting TV and film industry

October 2019 – Founded in 2009, experienced waterjet subcontractor London Waterjet has provided a high-quality waterjet profile cutting service for the last 10 years. It is used to working within tight timeframes, with a fast turnaround for all aspects of waterjet profiling.
London Waterjet is a small team, dedicated to fast turnaround and has a personal approach in helping its customers. It is the ‘go to’ profile cutter for most of the TV and film industry and works hard to maintain close relationships with its customers. The team is always willing to try and cut anything it is approached with and enjoys the challenge of helping clients looking for more efficient ways of cutting difficult parts.
Due to an increase in demand from both existing and new clients, the team at London Waterjet made the decision at the beginning of 2019 to invest in a second machine to help take the business to the next level. As highest quality cut parts are something that London Waterjet wanted to offer to all of its customers, it made the decision to invest in a premium series machine from manufacturer Techni Waterjet, in the form of a complete Intec-G2 510 abrasive waterjet cutting system. Their i510 is also equipped with Techjet option which offers top level accuracy of motion, +/- 0.05 mm and repeatability, +/- 0.025 mm, through use of linear scales. Intec510-G2 is laser calibrated before shipping.

Reception London

Ryan Walker, director at London Waterjet says:

“Our experience with Techni Waterjet has been a pleasure. From the sales management throughout the installation and training process, all parties have assisted us with any questions and technical details, also following the installation. This has helped to get us going and to better understand the machine and its capabilities.”

With the latest 4th generation of the Quantum Electric Servo Pump running alongside the new machine, London Waterjet experience extended and reliable high-pressure seal life. When a seal change is required, it takes less than 10 minutes, machine maintenance is fast, simple and efficient. This equates to higher overall workshop productivity levels, increased ‘up time’ and therefore helps get more orders shipped out to customers as soon as possible. As the Quantum pump is also driven by an electric servo motor, this results in lower running costs, higher efficiencies and a virtually silent operation. AMC Jets is the official UK distributor for Techni Waterjet products and it has been supplying high-quality spare parts, consumables and machine servicing packages to the UK market for over 29 years. It made the decision to collaborate alongside Techni Waterjet for waterjet sales and service in early 2017.

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